How to get yourself the perfect wedding invite design

You don’t know what you want and you don’t know where to start?

Oh yes! We’ve heard that one before!

Worry not! We’re here to help. Get a piece of paper, your phone, tablet or a stone slab and write down your thoughts and many answer a few of our questions below.

custom made coaters

To begin with, here is one good tip: we’ve asked around and it turns out it’s a good idea to start thinking about your wedding invitations 6 to 8 months prior to the wedding. There are tons of things to think about so, make sure everything works well and your wedding stationery fits in perfectly with your wedding theme.

Its not just the wedding invites, there are quite a few other bits you might want to think about : save the date and RSVPs of course but how about wedding menus, table plans, place name cards, wedding favors boxes, photo albums, signs, guest books ...... custom made coasters !!!

Number one: Get inspired! By that I mean that, although you can find tons of lovely designs on our website to give you a few ideas, everyone is unique so don’t get too hung up if you can’t find anything you like or suits you. We will create that for you.

Number two: You’re wedding Theme. To get inspired you need to think more about the things you like to do and who you are and what's important to you. Maybe you guys like traveling, or you’re into science or maybe you feel more connected to nature. Maybe you’re into cooking or maybe you love movies. Who are you guys and what are you about? This is your wedding theme and you need to decide what it will be.

Numero tres: The finer details. Now that we got the main bits covered, let’s refine the details. Think about the size of your wedding invites and which elements you need to include, what’s appropriate. You many need to include your RSVP or a few sheets with directions or details about your wedding gift list.


BUDGET! Don’t forget to think about this one crucial thing! There is no getting away, that’s one thing you need to keep in mind and it is a key factor. Business is business my friend, but don’t worry we’ll make you an offer you cant refuse!

Four is For Style? Fancy - smanshy! One important thing to consider is how formal you want to be. The style you want to go for which can be expressed by the wording and the overall layout of the stationery and included assets. You can keep it classical, conservative, it can be friendlier and open, it can be luxurious and glamourous … the sky is the limit!

Text, typeface, copy… what is it? Don’t worry, we will find what works best. These days, your typical squiggly font is not always where it’s at so we have a great variety to choose from. However you should give it a bit of though. What would you like it to be: more traditional, simple, easy to ready…sophisticate? Gold foil, silver foil, bronze … we do pink foil as well!

love typography

Colourful thinking: or not! What’s goes with your wedding theme? What are your bridesmaids wearing, what’s your flower bouquet like? Whats your favourite color?

Tell us a few things and we can suggest some complimentary colors if you’re not sure.

What about the amount of colours it just simple, pastel … less is more?

Or do you want to make a statement with some bold crazy colours?

Paper and finishes: In this realm, we can get lost so bring so bread crumbs to leave a trail.

tons of foil options

We’ll show you a huge variety of paper you can chose from: simple white, off-white and texture, shiny, colorful, metallic, pearlescent we can go on forever. Finishes are quite varied as well. We do digital foiling so you can have text or pretty much any graphic foiled in a great variety of colors. I’m talking green, blue pink here! When we say finishes we also mean laminating which we can do in gloss, matt velvet or even texture laminate. Last but not least die cutting – which means we can do a custom cut shape of … pretty much anything.

Rather than just bragging about what we do, we also wanted to give you some good advice as well. In the last bit of this post we've included 3 really obvious but also really important things to remeber:

1. Allow Time: You should allow plenty of time for yourself and your guests.

Send thouse invites out 6 to 8 weeks ahead of the wedding. Especially if you have guests coming from overseas. Don’t forget about the RSVPs so you will know what’s what and you can plan ahead.

2. Print Extra: You should really print a few extra …everything. You never know. You might forget someone, you might mess up an invite, you just don’t know. Better to be safe than sorry.

3. Proof Read: Last but not least you should proof ready every last bit of text, Mrs ‘Jnes’. Remember to check addresses, names, times!

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