Your own personalised wedding invitations are the brand face of your special event. A first-impression-tool, they encompass the theme and style of the occasion but also represents the level of class that your guests can expect.





Our job is to decide how to precisely formulate the text, the size and orientation, the type of surface and design to reflect the showcase. We can provide personalized wedding invitations, with the option of being lavishly encased in folded covers, multi-colored foiling, die cut and other ranges of hand finishing. The surface varies dramatically from glossy paper to matte textured and our special seeded coating.


Our materials also feature a special option for seeded paper. Inside the paper lie seeds that your guests can plant and bloom their own flower garden. Just another way you can make the day unforgettable, leaving a lasting



If you have your own ideas for a more bespoke personalised wedding invitation, please inform us and we can comply, as long as it's compatible with our printing equipment. If you're feeling curious, you can always investigate yourself by feeling the paper we hold in our shop stock, or peak at our image gallery below to quench your appeitite. For more information, contact us or pay us a visit.